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Broker Compliance Review


For most brokers, staying on top of the most recent Real Estate laws can be a full time job in itself.

With SkySlope’s easy to use checklists and log we guarantee you will be more compliant than ever, giving you more time to focus on things that matter most, like growing your business.



Every state has disclosures and contracts specific for that state. Furthermore, every type of transaction or listing has their own unique set of required documentation. This is why our Activation Team will set up as many custom checklists as you need. This ensures that no files are closed without all of the required documentation for that specific property.


As brokers, you depend on your staff and agents to keep a log of everything that takes place for each transaction. That is no longer necessary, as SkySlope’s log keeps a digital footprint of everything that is done within the platform. This includes all emails from any party associated with the transaction. This digital footprint ensures that there will be no future discrepancies in regards to a closed transaction.

Email & Text Message Tracking

SkySlope pioneered its industry leading property specific email address and email tracking. This makes saving all correspondence pertaining to a transaction effortless. NEW FEATURE: With the recent release of our mobile app, SkySlope is currently the only platform on the market that has text message tracking. That’s right, as correspondence between agents and clients via text grows, this feature is a must have for all brokers looking to remain compliant.

Activation Team


Most transaction management solutions believe in a “one size fits all” and make brokerages conform to how they think business should be done.

SkySlope takes the extreme opposite approach. We know that EVERY brokerage has processes in place that are unique to them. Because of this, our Activation Team is trained to ask questions and truly understand how your brokerage is run before recommending anything. From there they create a launch plan that is personalized just for you.

Their Background

In addition to going through SkySlope’s 12-week real estate boot camp that is mandatory for all new hires, each one of our Activation Specialists also spends several weeks per year working on-site at brokerages across the country to better understand all of the subtleties that a brokerage can have.

Process Call

Our activation team begins with a process call that you will receive within 24 hours after signing up. Guaranteed! During this call you will be introduced to your dedicated Activation Specialist. They will ask questions to not only understand how your brokerage does business but also to better understand your goals with SkySlope.

Launch Plan

Once the process call is complete and our Activation Specialist fully understands the ins and outs of your business they will go to work crafting a custom launch plan tailored specifically to your brokerage. This launch plan will include every detail from their recommendation on how best to train your agents & staff to suggestions on some best practices they have seen from taking other brokerages paperless.


Once the launch plan is agreed upon, training will commence. SkySlope always starts training with the admins and file reviewers. From there, the agents and their assistants will be trained. Our team will do as many trainings as necessary until everyone in your brokerage feels 100% comfortable with their new way of doing business. Oh, by the way, this all comes at ZERO additional costs to our subscribers.



To be successful, today's real estate agent needs to have access to all of their files and contacts via their mobile devices.

SkySlope recognizes this and created their apps to ensure any contact, transaction, or file is only one click, or tap, away on any device.


24/7 Support


SkySlope knows that Brokers, Agents and Staff are working around the clock and don’t have time to wait for answers.

This is why SkySlope’s industry leading support guarantees that there will be a representative available any time of day, 24/7, to answer questions instantly via live chat, phone, or email…

Sound too good to be true?

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Real Estate Industry Trained

Here at SkySlope we have always known that it's not good enough for our support team to just understand how to use SkySlope, but they also need to have extensive real estate knowledge to be able to provide the appropriate solutions. This is why our entire support staff goes through an intense 12-week real estate boot camp prior to fielding a single question.

Phone / Chat / Email

It is our job to be flexible to the way your agents and staff are currently doing business. This is why we offer a variety of options for contacting our support team. Some agents like the flexibility of instantly being able to connect with one of our representatives via live chat, while others prefer to reach a specialist on the phone as they are on the go.



Security and data protection has and will always be SkySlope’s #1 priority.

We understand that switching to a cloud based document storage solution is a big change from what most brokers are currently doing and it is our job to spare no expense when it comes to security and data protection. This is why we chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud-computing platform; the same solution that companies such as SAP, General Electric and Netflix use.

Secure Backup

Amazon Web Services redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility. It is designed to ensure that even in a catastrophic event such as a flood or natural disaster their annual durability would remain 99.99999%.

Data Protection/Encryption

All documents and customer data is automatically encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256, a secure symmetric-key encryption standard using 256-bit encryption keys… for those of you who aren't computer scientists, this is basically saying only people who you want to have access to your data will have it.




Digital signing is quickly becoming both agents' and clients' preferred method for signing all contracts and disclosures.

SkySlope has developed its own fully integrated e-signing platform called DigiSign™.


Applying signatures to any contract or disclosure is as simple as dragging and dropping signature blocks. In addition, 95% of real estate professionals find using a digital signature makes signing easier for their clients.


The signatures processed by DigiSign™ are equivalent to any traditional signing methods because it was developed by following all the criteria required by both the E-SIGN Act as well as the European Union's Directive on eSignatures.

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